This is a quick email I sent to DealDash today after being annoyed (for the last time) over their dishonest marketing emails.

"What's up with the dishonest emails? Just got one about (and I quote,) the "cheapest bids of the year"! They're not the cheapest. At 15 cents/bid, they are not even close to the cheapest, there have been far 'cheaper' this year, and I don't even have to scroll to my next page of DealDash emails to see that. There were 10 and 11-cent bids for all of April. There were 10, 11, and 12-cent bids during March, February, and January. Saying that 15-cent bids are the "cheapest of the year" is flat-out wrong. It's dishonest. On top of that, the "IT'S ALMOST SOLD OUT!" emails are ridiculous-- we all know that bids don't 'sell out.' I used DealDash for awhile and have spent tons of money here. I had to quit when I decided to start saving money for a new home a few months ago, but decided to stay subscribed to emails in case I could ever get back in the game. But these hard-sell, dishonest emails and "sales" are the reason that I finally unsubscribed, and most likely also the reason I won't return even when I'm able to. DealDash provides "fair and honest auctions," but the marketing doesn't follow suit. Just my two cents, not looking for a response. "

The home page right now currently says, "Lowest bid price all year," which is a blatant lie. I doubt this is illegal or anything of the sort, but it is completely dishonest. And annoying. I'm so glad I finally unsubscribed to them.

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The Father's Day special at DealDash.com is offering the lowest-priced bids they will offer for the rest of the year. They willl not go lower than 15 cents each for the rest of 2013, so they are being honest about that.

Instead of saying, "Lowest bid price all year," they probably should say, "Lowest bid prie for the rest of the year" because they did have bids as low as 10 cents earlier in the year. Raising the lowest cost of bid sales helps to keep the closing costs lower for winning customers. I think this former customer is making a big deal over nothing.

I have to cut back on my bidding to save money for a vacation, but I am happy with my overall experience at DealDash. Afterall, DealDash is still the best online penny-auction site I can find.

to Screen Name: SorryMyTurn #1097948

Paying 15 cents or even 10 cents to bid a penny does not seem like a good plan to me. Too many bidders will ruin the opportunity. Same business model as Quibids.

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