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Update by user Nov 07, 2016

So this morning DealDash has veterans sale. Yeah, uh huh.

Raised bids to 15 cents. Thank you veterans from DealDash. Ret.SSG Army-Korean war , Vietnam twice.

Still no wins still no gmail, n they have my info. Need that to join so no more excuses

Update by user Nov 06, 2016

Been bidding on kid craft uptown kitchen center on 4 different occasions. Trying again 2day.

Probably invested bout 1000 bids. Product to buy back is $228.00. Checked on Amazon prime, same one $116.00 or slight cosmetic flaw $110.00.Told this to DealDash n they gave me some song n dance bout how they deal with Walmart n that's their deal. Guess what.

Walked into Walmart n asked if they had that item n they had several for $116.00 or slight cosmetic DMG. for $110.00.

Wouldn't it be nice to win one for $20 or $30 bucks. Yeah, in your dreams !!!

Original review posted by user Nov 06, 2016

So i won the stuffed animal, decided to give them another try. Still like to believe in people.

Not so much now. 500 bids later I overpaid for that little critter. Back to no win, running thru bids, and yes, sold as soon as bids run out. Had a friend over, can *** real goo so he watched with me all morning.

Then we back tracked some of the nig winners and some of the smaller and guess what. Yup.

Took us all day but some went right back to dealdash. Of course they're gonna say they bid too but then how do they always win.

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